What to Include in You Nursing Student Portfolio

What Is a Nursing Student Portfolio?

Just as an artist will keep a portfolio of their works to showcase their talents a nurse should also keep one to demonstrate theirs. A nursing professional portfolio is a very important tool for any nurse, not just to show off what they know and have achieved but also to help you to plan your own personal development and training. You will start to learn how to put together your nursing student portfolio from an early stage within your training when you attend nursing school.

Keeping a portfolio nursing is very important and will often be used to support you in gaining a new position and even when applying for further training, awards, and formal certifications. As a student your portfolio will often be used as part of your assessment to show what you have actually learned and achieved through your training. As such many nursing schools will have very specific requirements as to what you should keep within your portfolio and how it should be organized.

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What Is Your Nursing Portfolio Used For?

A nursing portfolio as a student nurse may be used as a very important part of your evaluation. It is your opportunity to start collecting evidence of your abilities and achievements across all of the different classes that you take. You will be expected to collect examples of your work and evaluate what you have done in each class to demonstrate your learning. This can then be used as part of your final evaluation as well as forming a base for your professional portfolio when you start work.

The portfolio, however, has many different functions:

  • To allow your supervisor and yourself to make decisions regarding the quality of your work
  • To document the achievements that you have made
  • Helps you to focus on your achievements and enhance your self-esteem
  • Enables you to reflect on your clinical and academic achievements
  • Encourages more effective critical thinking around your work
  • Enables you to reflect on your own professional growth
  • Gives you the opportunity to take full control of your own learning
  • Gives you the information that you need for certifications and job applications

According to Minority Nurse, the nursing population in the US is:

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What Should Your Nursing Portfolio Contain?

Many schools have very specific requirements as to what information and evidence you should collect from each of the classes that you attend. This should be followed very carefully to ensure that you have everything that will required for your evaluations as well as your own development. Most portfolios will be split into sections for each class and will be added to in chronological order. You will almost certainly be expected to keep an evaluation sheet at the start of each section for your own personal reflection.

A typical portfolio for nursing will cover all of the following areas:

  • Your resume: you should regularly update your base resume so that it fully reflects where you are with your training and certificates. Also to fully reflect what you have achieved even as a student so that you have something to use when you apply for that first job.
  • Your personal statement; it is always worth keeping a copy of your personal statement so that others can see what your own personal ambitions are and your reasons for nursing as a career.
  • Value and belief statement; similar in many ways to your personal statement but a document that you will want to maintain into your professional career.
  • Incident analysis and review; it is often worthwhile to keep track of not only things that have been done well but also things that may have gone wrong during your training. These are a very good way to enhance your personal development as well as helping you to demonstrate how you can handle difficult situations.
  • College transcripts and certifications that you hold.
  • Evaluations that you have received.
  • Examples of what you have done and achieved within each course that you are taking.

Your student portfolio is where you start getting into the habit of collating the evidence that you need to demonstrate your competences. As American Nurse Today reminds you:

quote about nursing student portfolio

Of course as a student you will probably have never had to collate information into a portfolio and as such it can be a daunting task. It is however something that must be done if you want to get through your training and gain the evaluations that you are looking for.

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