How to Make a Nursing Professional Portfolio

What Is a Nursing Professional Portfolio

Your nursing student portfolio is not your resume, although your resume is often an important part of your portfolio. Your resume is a summary of your skills and qualifications while your portfolio is the evidence of everything that you have done and achieved. Most nurses will be required to put together a portfolio right from when they start their training so that they can begin collecting everything that they will need.

Most nurses will have more than one portfolio; they will keep a “growth and development” portfolio which is for their own personal use and should contain everything that you have ever done. Then you should have a “best work” portfolio which is where you will cherry pick the most appropriate information to share with future employers or even for awards and training.

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Your professional portfolio nursing will contain everything from your degrees and diplomas through to care plans and protocols that you have developed. It may also contain your own personal development plans and even an essay detailing your own personal philosophy towards nursing.

How to Make a Professional Nursing Portfolio

You will need to start compiling your portfolio right from when you attend nursing school. Most schools will require you to start putting one together at an early stage in your training so that you can get used to collecting and filing away what you have achieved. This is a habit that you need to get into throughout your career if you are going to be able to show potential employers and others that you have kept yourself up to date. Not putting anything else into your portfolio once you have completed your training could very severely limit your career opportunities.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how your portfolio needs to be organized, nor is there any rule regarding what needs to be included. You need to ask yourself if what you are including is going to provide you with an edge when proving your capabilities to another. As your career develops and your experience increases your portfolio will grow in size, while a newly graduated nurse may be worried about the lack of information that theirs contains.

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The following are some of the many things that you should be keeping within your portfolio:

  • Your resume: if you are applying to a new job however you should use this as a starting point to write a targeted resume to give you a better chance of being interviewed.
  • Your college transcripts
  • Copies of degrees and other qualifications
  • Samples of your academic achievements including things such as research
  • Copy of your nursing license
  • Professional certificates required for your role
  • Professional organizations that you are a member of
  • Health and immunization records
  • Physical results
  • Current and past job descriptions
  • Evaluations of your performance
  • Checklists of competency
  • Letters or recommendation and reference letters
  • Any awards that you have received
  • Details of any volunteer work you have or are doing
  • Details of any conferences that you have attended
  • Any committees that you are sitting on and what you have contributed
  • Your personal development plan with all supporting documents and expected learning outcomes
  • An essay detailing your personal beliefs and values around your profession

Ensure that you create an organized look to your portfolio by breaking it into sections with clearly labeled indexes. Work should be organized in chronological order although that is not a hard and fast rule if another method will suit your purposes better.

As Nurses website says:

quote about nursing professional portfolio

So no matter how you look at it, you have to keep your portfolio up to date and organized in a manner that is going to help you achieve your future aims from training and certification through to landing that next step on your career ladder. In addition, you may discover a list of 50 great nursing capstone project ideas and choose the ideal for your research!

So if you feel that yours needs a little help just get in touch with our qualified specialists here for support with your nursing professional portfolio.