Useful PICO Nursing Question Guide

Can Nursing PICO QuestionHelp You with Your Evidence Based Research Paper?

Using PICO nursing question ideas is often the best way to frame your questions for any evidence based research. Your nursing capstone project topics need to be articulated in a manner that is going to help you to find the evidence that you are looking for. By using this framework you can ensure that you will always be covering everything that you need to find for the issues that you are investigating.

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This model provides you with a clear way to frame questions so that you will be sure of covering all factors that may impact the information that you are looking for. By using the framework not only can you ensure that your question is itself robust you will also facilitate better and more effective searches through databases for the information that you are looking for.

Evidence based research paper writing significantly benefits from the use of patient, intervention, comparison and outcome.  The following explains what the different parts of structure are when you frame your questions:

  • P: This is the Patient, Population or Problem depending on the type of question. You will refer to demographics such as ethnicity, age, sex, etc.
  • I: This is Intervention, so this could be a medication or other therapy being considered.
  • C: This Comparison or Control. So you could be comparing the effectiveness of one medication against another or of rest against exercise.
  • O: This is for Outcome. This could be the desired or expected results of the thing that you are investigating.

An ideal question will cover all of the different sections; Patient through to Outcome. However, that is not always completely necessary. In some cases, you may be able to frame your questions without worrying about any Comparison.

In general, any good PICO question in nursing should have the Patient, Population or Problem that you are investigating. The Intervention that is being looked at and the Outcome that you are reviewing. After all, without an Outcome and measures, how will you know if what you are investigating is effective.

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Questions Templates by Types

It is possible to frame your questions depending on the particular clinical domain under which it falls. The following are PICO question nursing education guidelines and a framework for those questions:


This style of question will be around the different treatments that could be offered and looking at those that are going to provide more good than harm. The following is an example of the framework that a typical question may take:

In (P), what is the effect of (I) on (O) compared with (C) within (T)?
In patients with a total hip replacement, what is the effect of a post op infection on recovery time compared with no infection developing within the first six weeks?


These are questions that will be framed around the methods that you can use to prevent something from occurring through a particular action compared to another. They are about modifying risk factors or through the provision of screening:

For (P) does the use of (I) reduce the future risk of (O) compared with (C)?
For nurses washing hands for 5 mins using X reduce the risk of patient infection in surgery compared with washing with Y.


These forms of questions seek to identify the causes and natures of diseases and injuries. They will take the following form within your questioning:

Are (I) more accurate in diagnosing (P) compared with (C) for (O)?
In (P) are (I) compared with (C) more accurate in diagnosing (O)?
Are PKU tests done on infants at 2 weeks more accurate in diagnosing metabolism issues compared with those done at the just 24 hours?

Prognosis or Prediction

These questions will investigate your predictions surrounding the course of a disease or condition:

In (P), how does (I) compared to (C) influence (O) over (T)?
In elders how does having the flu vaccine compared to not having it influence the development of pneumonia during the usual season for flu?


These are questions that examine the causes of diseases or the many different factors that may predispose someone to a particular disorder. The following is the structure for those questions:

Are (P) who have (I) at an increased/decreased risk of (O) compared with (P) with (C) over (T)?
Are (P) who have (I) compared with those without (C) at risk of (O) over (T)?
Are children aged 5 to 18 who have obese adoptive parents at increased risk of obesity compared with those who do not have obsess adoptive parents?


These will be questions that address the treatment of a specific injury or illness and will follow the following structure:

In (P), how does (I) compared to (C) affect (O) within (T)?
In (P), what is the effect of (I) on (O) compared with (C) within (T)?
In patients with chronic fatigue syndrome how does regular exercise compared to medication affect symptoms?

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