How to Write a Successful BSN to MSN Capstone

writing bsn to msn capstone

What Sort of Nursing Degree Should You Be Applying To?

Knowing what sort of degree to apply to will depend very much on your personal ambitions within nursing and also the finances and time that you have available for your education. Not everyone wants to rush straight into getting their RN license after a couple of years studying for an associate degree while others may want to complete their MSN nursing capstone so that they can work as a nurse practitioner. Getting your BSN to MSN capstone written to get you that masters degree, however, is not going to be easy.

Simply getting into a program to study will require an outstanding BSN to MSN application. Places are in demand and you will have to work hard simply to be accepted to study for your MSN. Once you have your place you will be required to write the perfect BSN to MSN project if you are to gain your master’s degree in nursing.

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The Different Degrees That Are Available

The following are some of the main degrees that you can apply to:

  • Entry level: the main degree applied for at this level is an associate degree which can take two years to complete or a diploma that can take from 2 to 3 years of studying. Training is usually provided through community colleges or through hospital based training and you will be able to become a registered nurse at the end of your studies. However, most RN jobs, certainly those that pay the higher salaries, will expect a bachelor’s degree.
  • Bachelor’s degree (BSN): this is a 4 year program of study that will end in your gaining your degree. This allows you to work as an RN after you have passed your  National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) exams. Salaries for RNs with a BSN are usually significantly higher than those offered to those holding an ASN.
  • Masters degree (MSN): this is usually a 2 year program for those that already hold a BSN or ASN degree. Holding an MSN is required to work as a Nurse Practitioner or another equivalent role where the salaries and responsibilities are much higher than those of an RN.
  • Doctorate degree (DNP): this program will usually take anywhere from 3 to 6 years to complete at the university. This will give you the requirements to work at the highest of levels within your profession and to command the best salaries. This is usually only taken after you have completed your MSN.

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Which Should You Study? BSN or MSN?

Of course, for most, it is required that you have your BSN prior to studying for your masters. However, there are routes to gaining your MSN if you hold a non-nursing bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in nursing.

The following is a comparison between the two degrees:

Length of study 4 years 1.5 to 2 years
Previous qualifications None BSN or ASN
Location of study University University
Typical job RN Nurse Practitioner
Average Salary $70k $110k

Requirements for Your BSN to MSN Capstone Project

Whether you apply to BSN to MSN online nursing programs or those that are full time based in university you will need to complete a capstone at the end of your studies. This RN to BSN final paper must be completed to a high standard and your degree will depend on you submitting an acceptable paper.

Unlike a more academic subject your BSN to MSN writing is not seeking to find a new theory or uncover anything totally new. The purpose of your capstone BSN to MSN paper is to demonstrate what you have learned and that you will be able to apply those learning to make improvements within healthcare. It needs to address a real world issue that you have identified in healthcare or nursing education.

How to Write an Effective BSN to MSN Capstone Paper

Your capstone nursing paper will not be easy to write. It must follow a very precise layout and formatting requirements if the work is to be accepted. So it is vital that you fully understand what those requirements are before you start work and the process that the program expects you to follow.

The following tips will help you to make sure that you will be able to submit an excellently written capstone for your degree that will have the highest chances of acceptance:

  • Take care when selecting your BSN to MSN capstone project ideas: the idea should not just be something that needs solving. It must also be something that is important to solve, challenging enough for this level of study, and something that is feasible. You must be able to complete the project with the time and resources that are available.
  • Plan your writing: a good plan is required if you are to finish your project and writing on time. Many students even at this level however leave things until too late and then have to rush to complete their work. A good plan that starts your writing early on will ensure that you will submit a paper that is going to be well written rather than rushed.
  • Outline your writing: a simple outline that prompts you as to what should be covered within each section will help you to avoid issues with rewriting and other problems.
  • Look at a good BSN to MSN capstone example: these can guide your writing and help you to understand what is expected. Do not however simply copy anything that you see.
  • Always proofread: submitting writing that contains any errors is likely to result in your work being returned to you for rectification which can seriously delay your graduation.

How Can We Help with Your MSN Capstone?

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