Best Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

BSN Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

The nursing capstone project is written to analyze the skills one has gained in the entire nursing program. The degree for bachelor’s program of nursing is given only if the students complete this project in the final year. More than 45% nursing students in all over the world write excellent nursing capstones but fail to choose the appropriate topics. The nursing capstones are written to evaluate the students and their level of learning.

The nursing capstone reports are based on the variety of elements and components. Apart from writing an engaging introduction, it is also important to discuss the problem and its solution in detail. Whatever your nursing capstone project ideas or topic is, you are required to add all the important issues to make others aware of the problems related to nursing.

Best MSN Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

For capstone project of nursing, it is important to study each and every term discussed in the lectures of nursing (4 years) program. First of all, you are supposed to search the related research papers and study them a lot. You can also conduct the capstone project by collecting the data that you’ve learned so far in the nursing program. Enlist the important topics and write their definition to learn the entire course (s) by clearing the concepts. Also, check out nursing capstone project examples.

The nursing capstone writing experts know it well to generate the report. Expert in writing BSN nursing capstone project always recommend making a list of the important elements. Then, gather data for the selected topic and start writing on it. Never go for multiple (more than two) sources for searching the topic. This can create more trouble for you in writing nursing capstone project.

Nursing Capstone Project Topics

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Nursing Capstone Project Topics

  1. Clinical utility of cardiac skills
  2. Development of a Medication Reconciliation discrepancy audit tool
  3. Transition checklist for adolescents
  4. Stimulant adherence among adolescents
  5. Emergency department utilization among palliative care patients
  6. Developing a survival tool for novice neurosurgery practitioners
  7. Bipolar disorder and ADHD in children
  8. Nursing Management towards women’s health issues
  9. Personalized approaches to sleep disorder management aging
  10. Healthcare interactions
  11. Clinical and health outcomes in managed care
  12. Dementia behavior in the elderly
  13. Effective nursing methods towards the care of the older person
  14. Environmental and Occupational Medicine
  15. Treatment and Assessment
  16. Screening of Sleep Apnea among patients with heart failure
  17. The relationship between nursing certification and sense of competition
  18. A thorough review of visitation models within the context of patient and family-centered care
  19. Review of sexually transmitted diseases
  20. Strategic planning approach for patient-centered medical facilities
  21. Use of probiotics in prevention of diarrhea
  22. Promoting infant health through breastfeeding support
  23. Prevention of rehabilitation readmission of stroke patients
  24. Improving knowledge about HPV and its vaccine
  25. Medication management intervention across care changes
  26. Prevention of dysfunctional behaviors among dementia patients
  27. Improving discharge education and planning among nursing students
  28. Interventional program for treatment of obesity
  29. Non-pharmaceutical management of psychological systems
  30. The education program of asthma among students
  31. Education and asthma care in nursing homes
  32. Improving pain management among nurses
  33. Increasing access to care for pregnant women
  34. Lyme disease prevention among children
  35. Prevention and management of type 3 diabetes.
  36. The relationship between longer hospital shifts of nurses and quality of patient care
  37. Integration of medical strategies to promote and influence breastfeeding
  38. Giving transition shock training to patients
  39. Evaluating the effectiveness of nursing training
  40. Concept advancement of nursing care management
  41. Concept-based learning strategies to create nurse leaders
  42. Online learning vs Classroom of nursing
  43. Education for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  44. The difference between modern and old healthcare
  45. Ambulatory care setting with strategies for quick response
  46. Addressing cross-cultural and generational diversity in nursing training
  47. Handling diabetes in young children through testing qualitative methods
  48. Specific immunization regimen with systematic instruction
  49. Patients with an altered body and their psychological assistance
  50. Development of the nursing assessment tool

MBA Capstone Project Ideas

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